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Dr. Rachel Jordana Horodezky, PsyD

5Rhythms Teacher and Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Rachel Jordana Horodezky, Psy.D is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified 5Rhythms Teacher. In her teaching, she incorporates music and intentional guidance to evoke trance, emotional process and deep healing. She lives in Santa Cruz, California where she has a full-time private practice and two rambunctious little boys. She teaches movement workshops nationally and internationally.


In her private practice, her 2 primary theoretical orientations are eco-therapy and existential therapy. Existential therapy examines issues pertaining to purpose, freedom, belonging and death. She is the founder of Creative Dance Psychology and Vice-President of the Center for Humanistic Development. She maintains a private practice that consists of part community mental health and part private clients.


Thank you for facilitating 5Rhythms dance last night. The universe is pushing you to the right direction, focus on that! You have magic under your skin. The way you show up and hold space is so real so present so connected. Last night's dance dismantled every neuron in my body - at one point after the chaos in the circle, I felt my pathways are being re-wired by a greater force. Out of body experience for sure!

-Leila Nafissi (Santa Cruz Yoga)


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